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How to Attract What You Want with the New Moon

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Manifestation, The Secret, The Law of Attraction have been buzzwords bandied around by New Age gurus telling you that you can have the life of your dreams if you just believe…

I've always been a more practical girl, who believed hard work was the key to success.

A few years ago, a woman I was taking a class with started telling me about New Moon Wishes and how that was the most effective way to manifest what you want. I listened sceptically, as she told me that the new moon was the best time to attract something new. All you had to do was write down on a piece of paper up to 10 wishes of things you wanted to come true on the new moon - which happens every month.

I remember thinking to myself, okaaaay this lady is nuts. That evening I went to dinner with a friend of mine who is one of the most logical, scientific-minded people I've ever met. I explained to him how this lady was telling me about the new moon and how that was the best time to make your goals come true. I was shocked when he seemed to consider it as a possibility. He remarked how people fished, planted crops and made wine by the cycles of the moon, so maybe there was something to it. We decided to both try it out as an experiment and see what happened.

The lady who told me about it had recommended a book, New moon wishes by Jan Spiller. I checked out the book from the library, and on the next new moon, I wrote out ten things that I wanted to happen in my life in the near future. I was just starting out as a hypnotherapist and wanted some media opportunities to promote my business.

I wrote things like I wish to be interviewed on a TV breakfast show about hypnotherapy. I wish a magazine to do a feature on me. I wish someone would talk about me on the radio saying that they had been to me as a client and it had really helped. I also wrote down that I wanted to go to the US to train with a particular therapist who no longer taught classes.

I put the list away and promptly forgot about it. Around six months later, I found this list of New Moon wishes that I'd made. To my surprise, almost every single thing on the list had come true without me trying to make it happen. I was amazed and ever since on almost every new moon; I write down ten things I want to happen. And not just opportunities I want to have, but also things like discipline, motivation and clarity.

Now is it the new moon that's making these things happen? I don't know for sure. However, I think it's a truly powerful goal setting exercise, helping you to get clear about what you really want.

How to do New Moon Wishes:

1. Find out when the new moon is. I then add the dates and times into my calendar on my phone and set it with reminders for right before so I will remember to write them down. I look up the dates here:

2. Write them down by hand on a piece of paper with pen. Ideally you want to write down your wishes within the first eight hours of the new moon but up to 48 hours seems to still be effective. The next new moon is Friday February 16th at 10:05 am.

3. After writing your list, close your eyes and imagine the things you've written down come true. Feel what it feels like having achieved those goals. This is one of the most important parts of the exercise, as this is now communicating with your subconscious mind of what you want to happen. Fold up your list and put it somewhere safe so you can review it later.

4. Take action! You need to take action on achieving those goals. You can’t sit on the sofa waiting for them to happen while you watch TV. Make it happen…

Samples wishes:

  • I wish to find myself disciplined with my diet and exercise and achieve my goal weight of ________________ by this date______________________________.

  • I wish to release all blocks around money and success to create the lifestyle that I desire.

  • I wish to find ____________________________( my dream car) for the price of $____________________________ by this date_________________________.

  • I wish to meet the perfect partner for me and be in a serious relationship by this date______________________________.

  • I wish to find the perfect job doing___________________________ that pays me______________________ by ______________________________ date.

I am still amazed at how much easier my goals are achieved just by writing them down every month. They say that people that write their goals down on a regular basis are more successful than 90% of the population. So, new moon or not I think it's a good habit to get into. If the fact that it's done on the new moon helps, even better. I challenge you to try it out and see what happens.

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